The world of science, technology, engineering and maths continues to develop and with it the need for a skilled and talented workforce.  The role of any school is central to the development of key skills that our future generation will need.  “There is no doubt that the education of our young people from Primary school to Third-level will play a very important role in Ireland’s future prosperity and advancement,” said Ms. Bernie Rowland, Principal of Davitt College, Castlebar.  “So we are constantly enriching and enhancing the curriculum we provide here at Davitt College.


She was speaking at the launch of the schools new Computer Programming Module in association with the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at N.U.I. Galway.  Mr. Brendan Smith, Education Officer at N.U.I.G., will deliver a range of pioneering technology learning initiatives to students.  In turn students will be equipped with a range of skills from using mathematics to fostering critical thinking and will become “digital creators” rather than just “digital users”.  “The new Junior Cycle Programme, which schools will begin to roll out next year, aims to ensure that our students develop key skills that are necessary for lifelong learning.  It will give our students more opportunities to engage actively in their own learning and to use their clever and creative energies,” said Bernie Rowland. 


“The new Junior Cycle Programme will include modules such as Programming/Coding and Digital Media.  With today’s launch of this new module for students we continue to lead the way in implementing new curricula which will help all of our students to excel in science and mathematics,” she said.  Mr. Brendan Smith, Education Officer with N.U.I.G., has co-ordinated an array of successful medical, environmental, digital  heritage and web science projects for schools and communities in the region over the past ten years.  He said he was delighted to be involved in teaching students at Davitt College and also training teachers who will in turn be able to facilitate future cohorts of students in Programming/Coding and Digital Media.