Student Supports

Student Supports

• Tutor and Year Head System

• Care Team which meets once a week

• Guidance Counsellors

• Learning Support and Resource Teachers for Students with Special Educational Needs

• Home School Community Liaison Co-Ordinator

• School Completion Programme

• Big Brother/Big Sister Mentoring Programme


Pastoral Care

Students are encouraged to develop self-confidence, take personal responsibility and show respect for self and others. We provide Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.) as part of the formal timetable at Junior Cycle. Davitt College also provides a Pastoral Care System which aims to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the student as well as providing pastoral support for parents and guardians. Counselling is part of the Pastoral Care Programme and a counselling service is available to all our students. A student may approach the counsellor or may be referred to the counsellor by a concerned member of the pastoral care team or a concerned parent. The Care Team meets once a week to discuss and address students needs and requirements.

Mentoring Programme

A Mentoring Programme runs very successfully in the school, in conjunction with Foroige, where First Year students are matched with Senior Students in the school, with a view to making the transition from Primary School to Secondary School as easy as possible.

Guidance and Counselling

Guidance Counsellors work with all year groups. A Guidance Programme is followed by Senior Cycle students. Each student is monitored and advised throughout fifth and sixth year on an individual basis. Students are helped with study plans, exam targets, college applications, career options, and when required, personal counselling.

Physical Education and Sport

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and students learn to lead healthy and active lifestyles which will benefit them as they move through life. We encourage students to take part in a variety of activities both during their PE classes and during Extra-Curricular activities. Opportunities exist for students to enjoy a wide and varying range of sporting activities throughout the curriculum. There are also regular training sessions for both boys and girls run by the staff during lunchtimes and after school, where everyone is welcome. There is a strong fixture-list for Gaelic Football, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Rugby, Swimming, Hurling and Athletic teams throughout the school year. We have a state-of-the-art Sports Hall and Gym on campus as well as Gaelic and Soccer pitches, a Running Track and Basketball Court.