Healthy Living


Davitt College Healthy Living Week

Davitt College celebrates healthy living week in style each year with a wide variety of activities to promote the importance of nutrition, physical activity and the steps that will lead to a healthy life. The week involves fitness sessions, sports challenges, presentations, cookery demonstrations and workshops on healthy living as well as taster sessions organised by various sports organisations.

In Davit College, every student is constantly reminded of the importance of health and physical activity. A teenager’s health and wellbeing is vital for proper growth and development of their mind and body. They require enough energy to spend the entire day in school to allow them to focus in the classroom and fully participate in the activities in class and on the field. For this, they need proper nutrition and an understanding of how to lead a healthy life.

Each year group have a special range of activities organised for them with the promotion of health and physical activity at the heart of the week’s theme. Each lunchtime and afterschool, there are a number of events happening including a multi-sport skills circuit, fitness testing, Badminton, Volleyball, table tennis, Zumba Dance class and a gymnastics and cheerleading workshop to name just a few of the events, ensuring all students have the opportunity to experience a wide range of events. Recognising the importance of good nutrition in the quest for a healthy life, many events are organised to promote healthy eating and healthy food choices. The Home Economics Department also run a “Healthy Living Cookery Competition” over a number of weeks with 2nd Year students. Each team must design a healthy menu and prepare the dishes in class time.