Physical Education

The Physical Education Department supports the well known quote ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’- a healthy mind in a healthy body. Physical Education is crucial to pupil development, it can contribute to spiritual, moral, cultural and most importantly physical development.

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At Davitt College you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities but most importantly you will learn to lead a healthy and active lifestyle which will benefit you as you move through life.

We at Davitt College believe that sport and fitness is important, and try to encourage the children to take part in a variety of activities both during their PE lessons and also during the extra curricular activities we provide. Opportunities exist for students to enjoy a wide and varying range of sporting activities throughout the curriculum. There are also regular training sessions for both boys and girls run by the staff during lunch times and after school, where everyone is welcome regardless of ability. There is a strong fixture-list for Gaelic Football, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton and Athletics teams throughout the school year.
The Physical Education Department offers excellent facilities. In addition to the Gaelic and soccer pitches, a running track and Basketball courts we also have access to a well equipped local sports hall and swimming pool.
Gaelic football
Soccer/ Indoor Soccer
Rugby/ Tag Rugby
Athletics / cross Country
Self Defence
Horse Riding
And many more………………….