Career Guidance


The Role of the Career Guidance Counsellor may take place in the classroom setting and/or an individual basis.
The philosophy of the Guidance Programme is pupil centered and classes are arranged to facilitate their needs and interests. An integral part of the Career Guidance and Counselling Programme involves inviting guest speakers to the school, attending Seminars, Careers Exhibitions, Open Days etc.
Parental involvement in the Guidance process is encouraged and welcomed. Parents are welcome to meet with the Guidance Counsellors and appointments may be made through the school office.

Career Guidance is about helping students understand themselves and the opportunities and choices they are faced with. Most people do not feel ‘called’ to a particular job or career. It is the role of the career counsellor to assist the student to make that very important decision about their future, emphasising their talents, aptitudes and gifts.
In Davitt college IT plays an important part in helping students decide on career choices. Using, Gairm, (a software programme provided by FAS) students can research careers of interest to them. The Career Guidance teachers use this programme in conjunction with other aptitude tests, to assess students’ strengths.
Qualifax (a software programme provided by the institute of career guidance counsellors of Ireland) allows students to access exact details of courses provided in third level institutions in the 32 counties of Ireland. Students wishing further information can access the websites of the college of their choice online.
All students can use online facilities to apply to the CAO.

Career Guidance Teacher - Ms. Lennon
Career Guidance Teacher – Ms. Lennon











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